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Budgie Information and More

lunrtlunr posting in Budgie Information and More
User: lunrtlunr
Date: 2012-05-10 08:46
Subject: || Too Thin ||
Security: Public

I have a very thin new bird who seems to eat nothing but seed. I have been feeding my other birds pellets for years. How can I put some weight on him if all he will eat is seed? Any suggestions on how I can broaden his dietary horizon and fatten him up a bit?

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jamie28 posting in Budgie Information and More
User: jamie28
Date: 2011-08-17 11:44
Subject: progress
Security: Public
slow but sure progress! by sticking my hand in the cage many times a day my little green guy eventually let me touch his perch while he was setting on it. every few times i would slide my hand just a little closer to him. today, he let me touch his toe for a few seconds before flying off! i'm so freaking happy! i may be able to handle him some day if i can keep gaining his trust a little at a time.
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the sound of crunching bone posting in Budgie Information and More
User: soymakesyougay
Date: 2010-12-27 20:00
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:dangerous scents: sprays/cleaners/etc., general care, introduction posts, sexing, sleeping/sleeping patterns
Yay I'm getting a budgie.. eventually. I've been trying to read up on them as much as I can before hand, because I've never owned a bird. My boyfriend and I are pretty experienced pet owners though, birds are probably the only kind of pet neither of us have owned. His dad breeds budgies and after reading up on them out of curiosity I thought one would be a perfect pet for us. We are planning on getting one male (I read that males talk more?), and we are waiting on new eggs to hatch instead of taking an older one. I only had a few questions to ask..

1. I read that chemicals are bad for budgies. They are for chinchillas too (I have two chinchillas). For the chinchilla cage I use cage cleaner that they sell at pet stores, would this be okay for bird cages?

2. If weather is nice outside, can I move the cage outside for a bit during the day just so it can have some fresh air? I figured if it's out of reach of predators and direct sunlight, that would be nice for the bird?

3. Are you supposed to cover the cage every night? If so what time do you usually cover it? Do they sleep all night long?

4. There is a possibility we could take an albino, but we probably wont. Let's say we did... How do you tell what sex the albino is?
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Holly posting in Budgie Information and More
User: coffeebean
Date: 2010-09-20 22:50
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I was wondering if any of you knew what could be done about this... if anything?

A few weeks ago, I wanted a new parakeet, so I went to a lot of different places because I wanted to watch them and find one that seemed really tough, to put up with my bitchy one always being a bully. I found the perfect one btw, she stands her ground against my bitchy one and yet doesn't bite ME!

But anyway, while I was looking, I had the saddest experiences ever. My bird store I usually go to has happy and healthy birds that they really take care of, but when I looked around at the pet stores around my house AND in a whole other county around my Mom's house, so many of the mainstream ones like Petco, SuperPets, Petsmart, etc had parakeet aviaries full of fluffed up, sleepy parakeets. :(

The only times two of mine have ever been constantly fluffed up and sleepy were when they had gotten sick, and even though I took them to the vet and did whatever I could, they both had passed away... so I was just so sad, wondering if they were sick.

One of the places definitely had sick ones because there were 3 or 4 on the very bottom with poor feet that were too weak to move around.... I got furious and went to the manager and said those birds were sick and they HAVE to get them to a vet, and they said okay and went and got a cage to put them in to send to the vet, but what the hell... why did *I* have to tell them, don't they care?

Is there anything you can do if you see a mainstream pet store like this with sick birds that they are obviously not taking proper care of? I can't stand to see them do that.

Have any of you ever reported a pet store for this, or is there a way to report them... or is it just the horrible truth that they can do whatever they want?

I obviously will stick strictly to my bird stores that I know have very happy, bouncy, healthy, hearty birds, but I still can't stand to see another pet store doing this to their birds and not getting in any trouble.
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Risu posting in Budgie Information and More
User: captain_risu
Date: 2010-07-17 14:44
Subject: looking for photos
Security: Public
Tags:out of cage time
how have everyone's budgie-flocks been doing?

i was wondering if people would mind posting photos of their out-of-cage play areas. i just rearranged my bedroom, and i am looking for some ideas on how to re-set up the budgie play area. extra bonus points if your set-up is in your bed room!

thank you :)
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craze_176 posting in Budgie Information and More
User: craze_176
Date: 2009-12-26 19:48
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Robin tried her very first vegetable! I haven't been able to even get her near the slightest slivers of veggies, but my guinea pig Spike managed to get her to eat cucumber! :P

She spies on/plays with Spike all day as I leave her cage door open and I've seen her trying to steal his veggies once in a while. I put a little piece of cucumber on her regular perch (log hut tunnel for spike) and she actually walked up to it and tried it! I'm very happy about it :)

Since she can fly now, she has expanded her play area to include my desk, my laundry hamper, and her storage cart. :)
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universallyours posting in Budgie Information and More
User: universallyours
Date: 2009-12-10 12:18
Subject: Gender question
Security: Public
Ok... I've had my bird for about 4 years now, and I've noticed something odd. Wherever I go, people tell me he's a male. His cere color is a purple-blue color. But, during mating season, he gets into the female pose for mating. He never wiggles his but on anything, he just throws his head back and lifts his tail. Can anyone help me on knowing his gender once and for all?

His cere is mostly a light purple with spots of white and sky blue around the nostrils if that helps any lol.
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craze_176 posting in Budgie Information and More
User: craze_176
Date: 2009-12-09 17:17
Subject: Robin!
Security: Public
Robin is molting and getting her flight feathers back! I'm excited for this and I hope it doesn't become a problem, I want her to be able to fly. :)

Here's some Christmas photos!

more!Collapse )
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imzadi_gumdrop posting in Budgie Information and More
User: imzadi_gumdrop
Date: 2009-10-31 02:28
Subject: Heart Condition - Duckie Update
Security: Public
Took Duckie to see the specialists today. He did an utlra sound and the promblem is not a tumor (THANK GOD) but a heart condition. It can be treated with medication which he gave me. We'll go back in two weeks for a follow up and possibly do an x-ray then. I am SO happy it is not a tumor! If it was he said that surgery would not have been an option.
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imzadi_gumdrop posting in Budgie Information and More
User: imzadi_gumdrop
Date: 2009-10-29 01:40
Subject: Symptoms and Treatments
Security: Public
Duckie is two years old and has been breathing heavy for the past few days and acting  lethargic. I took him to the vets today and she said his abdomen was distended and that it could be a tumor. She wanted to do an x-ray and said if he needed surgery I'd have to take him to a specialist. I did not let her do the x-ray, I am taking him to the specliast for a second opinion and if it's recommended I'll think I'll let them do the x-ray.

What I am wondering about is if anyone has been down this road before and what are his chances?
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